Sunday, August 4, 2013

Easy Pass

Friend Seth and I got out to Easy Pass in the North Cascades this weekend.  We were looking for something with a serving of amazing, and this fit the bill.  I've been here a number of times before, and have blogged about it too. I don't mind going back--it's great to visit familiar places to see how the change of season might affect the view.

Basically, Easy Pass is a 3.5 mile climb up, whereupon on a good day you can get amazing views of the Fischer Basin. and a slough of glaciers.  Larch trees line the ridge of the pass area, and will turn golden in a few months.

Good day--amazing views, with close to empty trails.  The Pass and trail beyond are true wild areas.

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Seth Wolpin said...

I didn't realize you wrote something up! I really need to subscribe for email alerts! Will do. That was a great hike Scotty, it made me a lot more aware also of all the great things right off of 20. No need to drive all the way up to Cascade Pass. Lots to do. Thanks for taking me!