Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Few Bird Pictures from Skagit

Pair of Eagles with nest on Fir Island

Eagle nest in the distance, across Wiley Slough, Skagit estuary

Eagle pair from a different angle, Fir Island

 Peregrine falcon, at dusk, Wiley Sough

Trees in water, Skagit estuary

Mount Baker, viewed from the southwest

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago on a Sunday when friends Seth and Naomi came by, and we wandered around the valley a bit during the afternoon. In addition to these, we saw many, many snow geese, trumpeter swans, and an owl in flight. A very nice afternoon, and always good to spend time with friends.

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Seth Wolpin said...

I thought these looked familiar! Had a great time cruising the flats with you Scotty. And thanks for helping me show off the best of the PNW to Naomi! Catch you on the flipside :)