Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tesoro March Point 10k

My unplanned "Run Local" June series continued today with the Tesoro March Point 10k.  This 10k is out near the Anacortes-Deception Pass junction of Highway 20, in Skagit, on and around the Tesoro Refinery. This was the 19th edition, but my first crack at it.  My fourth Saturday in a row at a Skagit or Whatcom County race.

It was a good way to start a Saturday morning again, but my digestive tract wasn't having it.  I ended up having to run/walk the last couple miles, which knocked my time effort out of the water. Came in slightly over an hour. I think I can do better than that now, though the miles still don't come easy. More core exercise and stretching required.  It's a journey, and the journey is the pleasure.

The course isn't particularly hard.  There's one big hill, called North Texas Road, right before Mile 2, and it's a slog. But it is matched with plenty of gradual downhills too.  Also, some great views of the water as you circle the Point.  This is a supermoon weekend--meaning the moon is as near as it gets, and full--and so the low tide was very visible along the waterline.

I'm glad I did this race, and which I had sooner.  It is a great value, w/ a great course, nice 1/4 zip tech shirts for an additional $15, and a hot dog barbq afterwards, with chips, drink, and all that sort of stuff. Skagit Runners were in attendance, volunteering mostly--good to see friends all about.

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