Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dog Island 10k

I made my first visit to Guemes Island this weekend, for the Dog Island 10k, which benefits the island library. Guemes Island is a five minute ferry ride across from downtown Anacortes.

This race is a real gem. A 10:45 AM start makes it very accessible. The roads are quiet, with long stretches along shoreline and underneath beautiful canopy. The course itself is not fast, as far as 10ks go, with several hills. A few grinders, a few long downhill stretches, and all road. At one point, I saw five eagles circling above. Lots of caterpillars on the island right now, and lots of bushes flowering. Very beautiful.

I ran 1:01 or so, or just under a 10 minute pace. There was running and walking, because of the hills. I'm pleased, as a few months ago, I couldn't run much at all, due to IT and hip issues. Physical therapy has helped. The time is not too important to me, but it will serve as a benchmark. I needed to get out and participate in an event, and this was a good one.

Joe Tompkins and Stan Nakashima represented Skagit Runners, with the set up and finish line, along with the wonderful locals. Great to see them making things happen, as usual.

After the race, I walked and jogged the two miles back to the ferry landing. Recommend. A quiet country road, with all sorts of flowers, roadside sales, and island art.


Michael Chastain said...

Glad to hear the PT is helping. Sounds like a great event and I wished that I could have joined you!

Scotty said...

10k is too short for you! But this one would've been good. Nice saltwater views, island ecology.