Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sourdough Mountain

Mike and I made a go at Sourdough Mountain this morning, getting up to about 4400 feet before turning around due to snow.  Rainy morning, rain like a rain forest, where the rain is everywhere, but not pounding, with birds still chirping.  But lots of rain.  It was one of those days—rains all day, until you get back to the car.   

The first three miles up were as steep as ever, forcing me to catch my breath a number of times, but ultimately a very good climb.  It seems I don’t really have downhill muscles either these days.  It was a good workout—just what I needed.

We got an early start, leaving Mount Vernon at 6 AM, and were first to the trailhead, but we never saw anyone all day anyway.  I’m sure it’s possible to get up to the top now with the right equipment, but the trail looks to be about three weeks away still.

Stopped for honey in Marblemount, purchased on the honor system!, and then Annie’s flying chicken pizza in Concrete.  

For past reports about Sourdough Mountain, a favorite of mine, click here, here, or here. On a good day, the views from the top are some of the best around. It's also a mountain with some history.

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