Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Preparations

I bought a wreath this year. That's big for me. The cards are mailed. My family on the east coast is covered, and the west coasters are pretty much too. A few stray this and that's left to tend to, but I'm doing ok with my holiday preparations this year.

So, I didn't run hard this weekend. And I know others did--you are awesome. I made it up Chinscraper on Saturday, but that's no big deal. As much as anything, I enjoyed driving down Chuckanut with a grande half-decaf, checking out the snow geese. Windy and overcast, it was a typical December morning in northwest Washington. 

I have a tight hamstring/groin muscle thing, maybe the result of a track workout. I took it easy. Being out all day wasn't in the cards this weekend, with so many things to do. That's fine--I'm at this point where I'm striving for balance with my running. After being gone all last weekend, I needed to stay home and take care of things--that seems to keep my mind at ease.

This is a fun time of year to be thinking about next year. Lotteries require early planning, and lots of my ultra friends and I are chattering. I think I'm leaning towards putting in for the Wasatch lottery. Or maybe Superior trail or Cascade. I just wrote those now to try them on for size--we'll see. It has to sound right and get me excited and motivated. I've started a calendar to the right.

I'm also thinking about taking a mountaineering class with the Skagit Alpine Club, if my schedule allows. And I think I'll run something in Virginia and see my fam--I already have a trip planned in early April, which happens to be when the Bull Run Run is scheduled. That's just races too. I feel like this past year has been wonderful, as far as getting out there goes, but the very best trail highlights were not races.

Happy holidays!

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