Sunday, June 18, 2017

Berry Dairy Days Half Marathon

No pictures, alas. I did the early start, along with some other 30 runners. We headed down Fairhaven Avenue, out of Burlington towards the cow fields. There were yards and fields with berry bushes, and extended views across the Skagit Flats. A turnaround, and then back and to the Skagit River dike. A few folks fishing on the banks. People playing horseshoes and soccer in the fields to the right. And then a finish, along the parade route, with people taking their seats to watch firetrucks and dairy queens on horses.

This race is great. It's flat. It's simple. It's local. And the price is nice.

Good to see Stan, Dean, Brannon, Kevin and other friends. Great weather.

I jogged, walked, jogged, walked, jogged, ran a little, walked, jogged, ran to the finish. Every weekend I toe a line is a win for me. Onward.