Monday, October 24, 2016

Dawg Dash 10k

I ran the Dawg Dash 10k yesterday.  Dan and I did this a few years back, along with Holley.  He wanted to go back and I was game. Glad I did. It's a bit of an effort to get out of bed and down the road early on a Sunday morning, but its always good to be at the UW.

I ran the 10k; Dan ran the 5k. I was pleased with my improvement. I finished in 1:01, which is an improvement over my last 10k. I know its not a fast time, but I also know I'm getting in a bit better shape.

The course starts by Red Square, and then runs out into Ravenna. From there, it hooks back on the Burke Gilman all the way back to the hospital, and then all over campus. The course finishes in Red Square.

Great crowd of about 3500 runners.  Lots of exhibitors in the Square. A purple and gold donut at the finish, with coffee and all sorts of other drinks. A nice long sleeve purple shirt with a dawg on it.

Afterwards, I got together with friend Mike, grabbing breakfast at the 14 Carrot Cafe and wandering the U. Bookstore. Then, back to Dan and Kim's for some Seahawks football.  Good day. ( :

Next up: Fall Fowl Run in a couple weeks, unless something comes up sooner.

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