Sunday, August 7, 2016

Once Around Lake Cavanaugh

I ran in the Once Around Lake Cavanaugh Fun Run on Saturday. 7.8 miles on a beautiful road around Lake Cavanaugh.  This was the 31st annual running of the event, which is located east of Big Lake in Skagit County. I've seen the event on race calendars for many years, and finally made it out there.

This is a small community run, with separate starts for walkers and bikers. The race benefits the local fire department, and is sponsored by families and local businesses. I'd say about 25 people did the run.  I really enjoyed the event. I've never been to Lake Cavanaugh. I found it to be a beautiful little community.  The moss on the trees on the side of the road is similar to what you see out at Baker Lake.

I guess my finish gives me blogging rights, if not bragging rights. I'm improving, though progress is slow, just like me. Just happy to be out there on a Saturday morning, lacing them up.  Next up is the Skagit Half.

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