Sunday, June 26, 2016

March Point 10k

I made it out to the March Point 10k again this weekend. This is a favorite Skagit County 10k. I think this was year 20. Thank you to Tesoro and all the volunteers.

We actually went to the Ms-Cardinals game down at SafeCo the night before, which ended with a spectacular walk off homer by Adam Lind. So, for the second week in a row, I did a Saturday morning event after a night down in Seattle.

I ran the first three miles or so but tightened up after that, and had to walk and run. Eventually, the finish line came up.  It was terrific to see many local friends. The race was delayed by a half hour due to a shutdown on I-5.

There must be a rookery of herons near the shoreline that we ran, as I saw a dozen or so perched near each other.  A few eagles were hanging out on pier posts.

July should bring more outdoor adventures. I have a few good hikes in mind, and a few short races on the horizon. Just keeping at it.

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