Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nookachamps 10k

I ran the Nookachamps 10k for my first time today.  I've done the half marathon at least a half dozen times, and have always wondered about the 10k course.  Now I know.

The principal difference with the 10k is that it finishes on the running paths of Skagit Valley College, Obviously, its also 7 miles shorter.

I'm just going to keep signing up for things like this, and try to get my running legs back. Right now I have extreme inflexibility when I run, compounded by a need to lose some pounds up top.

I always like going to this event. Five minutes from home, and so I was back in plenty of time for the NFL playoffs. I had a chat with a number of friends beforehand.  Great event.

At the start, I said to myself, "I dedicate this one to David Bowie."  I didn't honor his memory much with my time, and I knew I wouldn't, but I've been smiling all week at old memories associated with his music. Changes...Diamond Dogs...Heroes...Ashes to Ashes....Rebel Rebel...Space many great songs.  Sad to hear of his passing.

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