Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bridle Trails 10m

I struggled my way through the Bridle Trails 10 miler yesterday. This is part of the Bridle Trails Running Festival, which has a 5m, a 10m, a 50k, and 50k relays. I've done the 50k a few times, but that would've been a little much for me.

This event starts at 3 PM, and the longer runs go into the evening, with headlamps and flashlights.  The trail was well-suited for running--no mud as in some years, and light on the horse dung. My effort isn't all that noteworthy, except this record for my own log.

It was a good time, because of all the folks I saw.  Friend Seth is in town again, and we headed there together. Many good friends were running, and some I hadn't seen in a while. I ran the first lap with Holley, of my family.  Friend Mike came out and mostly walked the second lap with me, and then we got a bite at a local pub.

This was a good way to spend a nice night in January. I really enjoy this event, and hope to go back to the 50k in an upcoming year.


Seth Wolpin said...

a hundred million thanks Scotty for rescuing me from my truck woes, taking me to the race start, and more than all that - being a good friend. Glad you were out there, I lost you in the starting crowd. Wish we could have run together some. Thanks also for helping me coordinate with Rich. Hope to see you more next month (and I just changed ferry reservations to the earlier 0830 that Sunday, so hope we can meet up).

Scotty said...

So good to see you, of course, Seth! Great job on the 50k! Never to be taken for granted. Enjoyed your FB comment--there is something special about running those soft trails in the quiet of a January night. Guided by glowsticks. Maybe next year I'll be back on the 50k tour of things. I think we lost each other b/c I was tracking down Holley (family), who showed up just in time. Good deal on the reservation. We'll be in touch--