Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fowl Fun Run

This year's Fowl Run in Mount Vernon looked to be bad weather.  A big wind and rain storm has been pounding the Skagit Valley the past day or two. The river and creeks are running high, which is always a sight to see. On the way to race, I stopped at the Skagit and watched a full length tree moving down the river at a steady clip.

As it turned out, the weather during the run was pretty good, with little wind or rain. The winter fowl are flying into the Skagit, and so I saw snow geese and swans flying above, in fields.

My run was slow, with lots of walking. My body doesn't like running right now. I'll try to teach it better. I did the 10k, but the 5k was probably more apropos.  I don't know though--I'm fine with it now. I'm glad I laced them up, and got out there.

Afterwards, it was great to see good friends like Craig, Heather, Kevin, Steve, Toi, Delores and others, who made it all happen. Some pumpkin pie.

Thank you Skagit Runners!