Saturday, June 6, 2015

Railroad Grade

Spectacular day today on Railroad Grade, which is the approach to the Easton Glacier for climbing Mount Baker.  Headed up with Dean, Ruth and the Dude, always great company and trail companions. 

The trail was full of climbers headed up and coming down. We noted the Washington Alpine Club, a recovery group, a class, and others.  We were hoping to spot our friend Dan and his crew which were running from Bellingham to Mt. Baker and back.  We counted 40 tents near the Sandy campsite, and throughout the hike we were spotting ants marching up and down the glacier towards the crater.

We had 80 degree temperatures and I've got a real good sunburn, despite wearing a long sleeve shirt and putting on the 50 SPF.  Visibility was great all around--as we neared the end of Railroad Grade, we were able to see the San Juan Islands and I believe Anacortes. Glacier Peak and Mount Rainier were on display to the south.

The wildflowers are out. Most notable was the phlox, hanging on the edges of the Grade. I saw asters, lupine, crimson heather, and others. The Grade itself is a knife edge trail, with a steep fall off on one side. The trail is snow free. Dean and I hiked up here amazingly in February, through snow. Nice to see the June version of this special trail.

Hooray for American Pharaoh. It was terrific to come down afterwards and watch history. The trails inspire, champions inspire, a beautiful day inspires. A good Saturday, for sure. The Mariners have got to win this one--the universe ordains it.

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