Sunday, May 10, 2015

Squires Lake

Sunshine hit this town today.  I was slow getting outside, with the morning focused on making breakfast, blending oranges, and sipping coffee. Filled the bird feeders too--hoping for hummingbirds this year, and I guess you're supposed to regularly change the sugar water. We have two baby squirrels running around the feeders. There are also robins chirping at daybreak. They are loud.

Eventually I headed up to Squires Lake and Alger Alp, for a walk around about the lake.  Is a nature walk a hike?  Is a hike a nature walk?  Whatever, this was a slow, quiet walk through the preserve. Its not a big area, but it is a gem, with the Pacific Northwest Trail cutting through.

I found a bog full of frogs, near the Beaver Pond. Lots of frogs, they all hopped as I walked near, and then I could spot them floating around. Eyes like alligator eyes, peeking out of the water.

I found a snake, but it got away.

Then I found a ledge to sit on that looked across the valley. Just sat there for a while, listening to the valley. It was that kind of day.