Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blanchard Mountain

I found my way on to Blanchard Mountain on Saturday. So out of shape. The weather was perfect--it felt like May up there.  There is new signage.  It seems like every year the trails get a bit more civilized. I noticed white blazes, probably for the Pacific NW Trail. The roads are improved, as the logging companies are doing their business up there right now. It seemed like some of the woods were thinned here and there too.

Sunday found us out in the Skagit valley, checking out the daffodils. Some tulips are even coming up.


Tim Lofton said...

Blanchard Mt - loved it and didn't run there enough. Used to love the downhill segments from Max's Shortcut down towards the overlook, and the Incline Alternate Trail down to the B-1000 road. Really wish I would have taken the opportunity to do the connecting run between Blanchard and Chuckanut. Sounds like you had a great day up there.

Scotty said...

Hey Tim! Blanchard is my favorite local place to go. I probably have a dozen posts here at least on going up there. It's a fall back place for me to go, whatever the weather. And now since this blog is going a while I've got a little bit of history to the place. A couple years ago they paved the lookout. Now the roads are a little better, to facilitate logging. I love both those routes you mention. On Saturday, I just went from the upper trailhead up and around on a horseshoe to the Incline Trail. Many of my friends do the connection--the only time I've ran across both is during the North Face 50 miler, which was a really cool course, covering both systems well.