Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fragrance Lake On A Rainy Day

A rainy day is all right sometimes. We're getting flood stage river alerts this weekend, with the Skagit high on the banks. There's no snow in the mountains, as events are being rescheduled and skiers are warned about rocks and brush.

I just had to get out this morning. I've had far too hard a time finding time in the past month or so. Hiking and running trails refreshes the spirit, and gives me that balance I need. I just plod along, checking out things--lichen, a woodpecker, puddles.  Lots of puddle stomping today.  I saw a few runners out there, presumably training for Chuckanut.

The trails are familiar. I can hike them in the dark, probably w/o a light, though I'm sure I'd trip on a rock here or there. My fitness changes, but the trails, not so much. They will dry up later, but the rain makes everything that much more real. 


LukeD said...

Twas out there as well; pretty sloppy stuff.

Scotty said...

Yes, lots of mud! Steady rain when I was out there too.

Tim Lofton said...

I think, more than anything, that is what I miss about being out on the trails, either hiking or running. That is a big psychological part of my life that I don't have now, and it shows. Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Scotty said...

Hope you make a trip up here sometime Tim! I went out, knowing it was going to be not so nice, but I needed to get outside.