Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seattle Half Marathon

I did the Seattle Half Marathon last Sunday. I have the medal to prove it, and my legs still hurt a bit. I'm downright bothered by the precipitous decline in my amble. Then I'm not bothered.  Then I sign up for another race, after a few weeks of non-training.  It's time to break this vicious cycle of inactivity.

The Half is a first for me, after having done the full a dozen times or so. I liked it. The course feels a little more natural than the full, which carries on over the I-90 Bridge to Mercer Island and back.  As far as half-marathons go, I suppose this course is challenging, with significant hills at Madison Park and through the Arboretum. You still get the I-90 tunnel, views of Lake Washington, the Cascades, the Olympics, and the volcanos. You get it all--it's a good course.

This year's edition featured sub-freezing weather and clear blue skies. Pretty nice to be able to see Mount Baker, my hometown mountain. Not so cool to weather the cold.  I had a bad bronchial cough afterwards, and I may or may not be under the weather this week.

My favorite part of doing the half was to have Deb with me. She got up early with me, we shared the coffee and the drive, and she got me home in one piece. Usually I head down to this on my own.

Next up is Deception Pass.  I'm not ready for that either.

Footnote:  I did the Fowl Run a couple weeks ago. Aaron's first 10k!, and he came in second in his age group. Always a good event.  I'd like to say the training helped me with the Seattle Half, but I'd be lying.  Thank you Skagit Runners! 


Tim Lofton said...

Love the Madison Hills! Hey, train up Scott, Nookachamps will be coming soon.

Scotty said...

Thanks Tim! One step at a time, I guess. I'll probably be out there at Nookachamps, indeed.