Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wind Horse Half Marathon

I ran the Wind Horse Half Marathon today in Bellingham.  The course is an out and back on the Interurban, out to Clayton Beach and back to Fairhaven Park.  The race is a benefit for the Blue Sky Education Project, who's mission is to assist with child education in Mongolia.  The race also seems to honor Bellingham's sister city relationship with a city in Mongolia, amongst others.

For me, this was the right measure for this Saturday.  After many days of relative heat, today we had light rain, light wind, and cooler temps. Perfect for running, and questionable for alternative adventures in the high country.

As far as my running goes, I struggled, with start and stops on the way out.  It seemed like I cracked things after that though, and there was some genuine running for parts of the way coming back. Mostly, though, this horse was winded.

The last few months and even year have been full of big change--as things settle down, I'm hopeful to find my legs again. I'm not worried about how much endurance I build--I just want to have a steady, good run. Might have to mix in some bike and other activities. I was pretty happy though when I finished up today.

The picture above is the bridge in Arroyo Park. Could've worked harder on pics, but it's the Interurban, which is not news for local trail runners. The Interurban is a rail trail most of the way, with a bit of single track in Arroyo. I run this trail routinely, and it's part of many other races, such as the Chuckanut 50k, the Chuckanut 7 Mile Run, and at least part of a few other events.  As familiar as it is, that doesn't change the good fortune we have to have such a gem in our community. The race had a few aid stations which serve double duty, since its an out and back. The course is slightly slower than a road half marathon, I think, because of a few small hills and gentle up and down inclines.

Great medals and shirts with a horse on them, and mongolian beef kabobs at the finish line. Good to see Bill, Lindsay, and a few other familiar faces.  Thank you to the Race Director and the volunteers for all their work too. Success!

Great way to start the weekend. I'll just keep at it.

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