Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Great Sedro-Wolley 5.17 Mile Footrace

Another Fourth of July, another Loggerodeo 5.17 mile run. Weather was perfect, and spirits were good. I ran about the same as I did last year, which isn't good, but that is an improvement over my run last week.

I've been running this event on and off for over a decade. It is flat and fast, going through neighborhoods along the parade route, with folks lining both sides of the street, watching from their lawn chairs. There is a 2 mile and 5.17 mile option. The 5.17 mile race goes slightly outside city limits, taking a road by farmland, and then along the Skagit River and by the fairgrounds. Pretty fun as you finish up to see people selling balloons and flags from grocery carts, and others selling burgers and hotdogs. Afterwards, a parade of rodeo queens, chainsaw artists, and John Deere tractors follows.

As always, great to see the turnout, and so many friends from Skagit Runners. Thanks to Terry, Delores, Kevin, Stan, Brannon and to all the other volunteers from the Rotary Club. Service clubs like Rotary really make a difference in communities.

Raced out of there to watch the second quarterfinal match of World Cup. Hooked, as usual. We finished the evening on the Skagit River, watching fireworks over Edgewater Park in Mount Vernon. Happy birthday USA!


Tim Lofton said...

I lived there for 25 years and never did that run. I said several times, "I'm going to run that this year," but something else always came up. Those are my kind of runs too as far as people and setting. Right in there with Nookachamps. I've got a lot of things to set straight if I ever make it back up there. As usual, thanks for posting with pics.

Scotty said...

Hi Tim! It's definitely a "people's run". Great way to start the 4th. A lot of local people continue to run it or volunteer each year. Very short in ultra terms, but great fun running down a parade route--the chairs line the street for the last mile or so. Hope you make it back!