Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Evening Run

Last night I ran a short run around Mount Vernon.  We've been in something of a heatwave for the last few weeks in Northwest Washington. "Heatwave" is a relative term, as it rarely gets up to around 90 degrees around here, and the sunglasses and shorts come out somewhere around 60 degrees.

I ran the Kulshan Trail, which is near the house, and is a paved arterial cutting from near the Skagit River to the eastern side of town. Blackberry bushes are prospering, and they get picked fast once the berries turn. A friend called these an invasive weed, and I suppose they are, but they make for a good pie and smoothies. I usually keep a carton of berry cups in the back of the car for spur of the moment picking this time of year. Northwest Washington is known for some of the best berries in the world.

My stride is a struggle, but the evening heat seems to make it easier to loosen up then I find in any other time of the year. The other night I was out on the roof until 10 PM, cleaning up. The long days too make it easier to get out. Nice to see kids walking around, soccer games and frisbee golf in Bakerview Park, and smell a bit of barbq.

At home, I've got three different types of bird seeds going, which has brought in murders of crows (is that how you say it?), stellar jays, bushtits and titmouses, pileated woodpeckers, and a family of squirrels. I'm trying out tomatoes in pots, and even have a couple hot pepper plants. After the run, I completed some transplant operations.

Not too much more to say here, and this wasn't anything spectacular to post. The thing is, as I was jogging last night, I was just struck by what a beautiful night it was. The right summer evening is full of the good stuff.

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Tim Lofton said...

Life is good man, life is good. Enjoy the summer!