Tuesday, July 1, 2014

March Point 10k

I ran the March Point 10k last Saturday. I think this was the 20th running of the event, which is a regional classic of sorts. The 10k starts at the Tesoro refinery, drops down a hill, and then you basically circle the hill, running for a few miles on the waterline. There is a big hill in the second mile, pictured above, which is a bit of a grind. Wind can be a factor.

Afterwards, a great awards ceremony, with hot dogs, drinks, and chips for everyone. All for about $12, if you pre-register. Great to see many Skagit Runners friends out volunteering, running or both. Took my time on the course, jogging and walking, dealing with a bit of lower back pain. Glad I showed up--so often, showing up is what counts. Gave me a great start to the weekend.

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