Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dog Island 10k

The running isn't going all that great these days, as a stiff lower back, a continually defiant hamstring/hip, and good eaten' seem to conspire against my improvement.  Still I throw myself out there, this way and that. Summer definitely helps.

The Dog Island 10k on Guemes Island is a good plan for a Saturday in June. Guemes is right across from Anacortes, and has a real idyllic feel.  It sits in a bit of a rain shadow, and so it seems the wildflowers bloom in greater variety.  The saltwater views of Cypress Island and others are full on San Juan. Nice to sit on the shore and watch the water.

Good to see Terry, Stan, Dean and so many others for helping out. Thank you Skagit Runners! The race is in its 17th year, and is a fundraiser for the Guemes Library.  Hope they get some good books--everyone needs an island and a good book, now and then. Great event.


Tim Lofton said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a June Saturday. Patience and persistence with getting healed and back to running.

Scotty said...

Thanks Tim. I think I'm at that point where stretching isn't optional. Always ways to improve. I'd like to get up to longer distances, but do so progressively. There are some awesome shorter race options up this way, and this is one of them. Beautiful race course/event.