Monday, June 23, 2014


Work took me to Boston last week.  While the work side of things kept me very busy, I managed to catch some Beantown highlights.

Boston is great running town. Of course there's the Charles River and the Boston marathon course. Walking down the street at lunch, I saw people putting in intervals on the sidewalks. Running is part of the culture.

Boston is also a sports town. While there, we managed to catch a great day game at Fenway, which was tied 0-0 after nine, but ended on back to back homers in the 10th for the home team.  They love their team and stadium, and its easy to see why.  Very cool to luck into such a great game. Favorite moment probably was the 8th inning sing-a-long to Sweet Caroline. Still and always a Mariners fan first, but Fenway is special. Also toured the stadium and took batting practice in the visitor's clubhouse.

The photo of the strawberries below is from the Copley Square Farmer's Market. $30 for a flat of strawberries just shows how fortunate we are out here on the west coast, as far as berries and farm treats go. Delightful little market, with the typical mix of the usual and the surprises that each farm market can offer.

I ran the Charles River a couple times, including a Fun Run event associated with the work conference, along with my friend John.  We lost, but since it was for funs, everyone's a winner.  The finish line was the same as the Boston Marathon's, but everyone was pretty much gone by the team we got there, due to various detours and walk breaks.

Hiked the Freedom Trail.  A must do in Boston. It's only about 3 miles.  Started at the Boston Commons and then hit all the historic highlights. The Trail is curious mix of the old and the new, with early Puritan churches tucked in with Starbucks. The Quincy Market, the North Church ("one if by land, two if by sea"), Paul Revere statue, the Harbor, the U.S.S. Constitution (aka Old Ironsides)---all great tourism and history.

Had some nice stops along the way at Ye Old Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in the U.S., and canolis in the North End (aka Little Italy). The Oyster House was a favorite place of JFK's.  Great chowder.  And the North End is probably my favorite place in Boston, with amazing Italian food of all types. The canolis are just incredible--we went to Mike's Pastries and later to Maria's Pastries. Both have been voted best in Boston.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dog Island 10k

The running isn't going all that great these days, as a stiff lower back, a continually defiant hamstring/hip, and good eaten' seem to conspire against my improvement.  Still I throw myself out there, this way and that. Summer definitely helps.

The Dog Island 10k on Guemes Island is a good plan for a Saturday in June. Guemes is right across from Anacortes, and has a real idyllic feel.  It sits in a bit of a rain shadow, and so it seems the wildflowers bloom in greater variety.  The saltwater views of Cypress Island and others are full on San Juan. Nice to sit on the shore and watch the water.

Good to see Terry, Stan, Dean and so many others for helping out. Thank you Skagit Runners! The race is in its 17th year, and is a fundraiser for the Guemes Library.  Hope they get some good books--everyone needs an island and a good book, now and then. Great event.