Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Frosty Morning on Blanchard Mountain

I got out to Blanchard this morning and did a loop, which is 9 or 10 miles.  I took a few photos and so I'm throwing them up here. Blanchard is pretty much my favorite place to run nearby.

Signage at the trailhead says they're closing the trail that connect the lookout trail (aka Larry Reed Trail) with the mid-level parking lot. Thanks to Dean for pointing this out. As this is a favorite stretch, I made a point to get up there.  I saw there are some new switchbacks too on the connector between the hang glider lookout and the climb to Oyster Dome.

It was pretty cold this morning. I'm not sure its fair to call what I was doing running. The picture above shows the work of a beaver on a tree. A few of these other pics show frost and a view over the Skagit in January, with little growing.  The birds are all over the valley, and I heard duck hunters shooting this morning.

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Seth Wolpin said...

Brrrrr....looks cold but fun. What a great day to go for a run. Nice pictures of the frost, you are not going to find me on that bench. I've learned a new work 'Riking' = Run + Hiking. I love the picture from way up high. Cheers - Seth.