Saturday, December 21, 2013

Northern Lights Almost Solstice Headlamp 5 Miler

On Friday night, my friend Dean hosted a run he calls "The Northern Lights Almost Solstice Headlamp 5 Miler." Dean originally put this event on in 2007--and I was there!--but the event was called off due to inclement weather in 2008, and then he and Ruth flew the coop to Whatcom County for a few years. So good to have them back in the Skagit now.

The run is held out east of Sedro-Woolley at the Northern States grounds, where elk are known to roam, and the fields are wide open.  The focus of the event is to have it on or near to the Winter Solstice (December 21st), in the dark, for headlamp running.

This year, we just happened to have snow the night before the scheduled event.  Some of the course was marked with arrows in the snow.  The course wasn't really all that complicated, and Dean took the time to put up little signs here and there, directing the way.  I think what I liked best, besides the peeps, was looking up at the winter sky, which held many different shades of darkened gray.  No stars.

So, the nighthawks ran again.  We only had about 10 runners on the course, and I'm sure some people with the best of intentions bowed out due to the weather, which was questionable.  But those who showed had a great time.  After a good hour of running around in the snow, we finished to a propane tank fire in the middle of a field, minestrone soup, and smiles.

Thanks Dean and Ruth!  Good to see Craig, Heather, Terry, Sam, and all the Skagit peeps out there, representing.  Afterwards, Anchorman 2, making for an altogether fine Friday night.

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