Sunday, December 15, 2013

Deception Pass 25k

Ran the Deception Pass 25k yesterday.  Conditions were perfect for a mid-December day in the Pacific Northwest, with overcast skies and temperatures rising to the 40s. This year the 25k and 50k are being held on different days. I ran the 25k because I’m really not up for the 50k right now. 

I saw three seals swimming in Deception Pass as I crossed the bridge the first time.  Beautiful views throughout the course.  This is one of the more beautiful 50ks out there.

I was reduced to walking and jogging, due to ongoing issues. I finished towards the back.  But it was a good morning.  I stopped for cod and chips at the Shrimp Shack on the way home, prior to more Christmas activities.

Hopefully I can use this one to kickstart me towards more systematic training. Not sure what the next event will be, but I need to line something up.

Thanks Rainshadow Running and everyone involved in organizing the run.


Michael Chastain said...

No photos? Glad you had a good time.

Scotty said...

Thanks Mike! Yeah, no pics this time. I took a few, but they're grainy. I've got two or three past Deception Pass writeups I should link up. Great event, recommend.