Monday, March 11, 2013

Physical Therapy

I’ve had a couple sessions of physical therapy in the past month.  This is a long time coming. The goal is to make me whole. The pessimist in me is reminded of that Greek story where the guy has to  push a rock up a hill, as a punishment, but the magic rock always slides back down. King Sisyphus.

Anyway, the goal is to figure out what’s going on with my left hip, hamstring, and knee, and then chart a course for improvement.  So far, the focus has been on lower back muscles, and well as abductor stretches.  I’m hopeful for improvement, and I think the sessions have been great. I need to show a bit more discipline in carrying out the prescribed stretches twice a day. Will do.

Always room for improvement.

On Saturday, I ran and hiked a circuit around Blanchard Mountain.  Spring is near here, with a limited amount of snow up by Lilly Lake.  Winter took it easy on the Northwest this year, I’d say.  Sunday I spent in the gym, with a mild workout.  I’m not sure if I should be upset or happy with the slight aches in my quads.  


Ras (j vaughan) said...

Pheidippides may be the father of the marathon, but Sisyphus is the inventor of hill repeats. :)

Scotty said...

Oh no! This really cracked me up! Maybe there's cause to have a course with landmarks named after mythical figures. E.g. Mercury (speed), Achilles (think Skookum Flats), Trail sponsored by Hades, Neptune's folly. Hope all is well!

Seth Wolpin said...

I'm in the wings awaiting for your full bodied recovery. Let's run! Even on trails designed by Hades :)

Scotty said...

Sounds good Seth!