Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chuckanut Ridge Run

I made it out to Chuckanut Ridge on Saturday for a nice winter run.  The valley was shrouded in a persistent fog, but up high it was crisp and clear. I ran into a few runners, presumably preparing for Chuckanut. I spotted a pileated woodpecker (the big one with the red head), a couple sapsuckers, some witch's butter (above), and a frozen Lost Lake. A winter view of Mt. Baker.

My run was pretty much a hike to the top of chinscraper, followed by a nice amble along the ridge, with a mix of running and hiking back by Lost Lake. Big icicles hanging off the ledge as you approach Lost Lake, and frozen, dusty white ground on that side of the ridge. Nothing impressive running-wise, but just the same,  a really good morning. Time on the feet.

Congrats to all my friends running in far-flung places this past weekend. Such amazing stories!

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