Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deception Pass 25k

Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I went ahead and ran the Deception Pass 25k yesterday.  Several months ago I signed up for the 50k.  I figured I could manage my way through 25k, bad leg or not, and I was right.  And it was worth it.  It was just too hard not to go forward—the race start is only 25 minutes from home, and the course is spectacular, and the turnout of friends was certain to be good.

After a week of rain, Saturday gave us perfect race conditions.  No wind, no rain, maybe around 40 degrees or so.  Snow in the hills, but clear trails at Deception Pass.  I’m guessing 250 to 300 people participated in the two distances.  Thanks as always James and all the volunteers for putting this event together.  It should be on any PNW runner’s list.  
Great to see Seth, James, Pablo, Jahson, Kathy, and so many others. The course does several loops out on points overlooking the ocean, and the many lollipops are conducive to repeat hellos. Extraordinary views of the sea, throughout. There were times when it is easy to imagine being on seaside bluffs of Ireland.

I seemed to be a lollipop or so behind everyone the whole way.  Pretty much what I expected.  I have a combination of a bad leg and withered fitness.  But this was a much better event for me than the Seattle Marathon a couple weeks ago.  There were stretches yesterday, for short periods of time, where I almost felt like a runner again, where I had a stride.  And then there was also a stretch where I felt unduly petered.  Overall, the 25k was just right for me.  

Supertramp on the drive out, in the pitch dark, coffee in hand.  Breakfast in America.  Nice walking to the check in by the beach, still dark, with real surf crashing in to West Beach.  

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