Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fowl Run

It was a cold, beautiful day for the annual Fowl Run Fun Runs in Mount Vernon.  I ran the 10k, and geez, slow again. That figures. I haven't really been running. I'll keep throwing myself out there....maybe I'll get better. Gotta keep on truckin'!

I realize now I'm the guy who always comes with an excuse.  "How you doing Scotty?" "Great! but you know, I got this thing...."  Truth is, I do have this thing--a few things. But whatever. The joy is in getting out there. No matter where I'm at, it's always refreshing and vitalizing to see friends, either volunteering or running, and to get the heart rate going on the course.

Views today were clear, out towards Mount Baker.  A little bit of ice on my pickup's window, when I went outside in the morning. Last night I heard snow geese flying over the house. I saw a few flying during the race. Course is flat. It'd be great to run fast, if you can. Lots of giveaways afterwards--turkeys, pumpkin pies, and other miscellaneous stuff.

Good turnout, as always. Great to talk with Dominic, Craig, Colin, Tracy and others. And Skagit Runners volunteers were out in force, as always. Good to see Heather, Delores, Joe, Brannon, Steve, and so many others, making it all happen. Thanks all!

Should be an interesting afternoon. I'm now off to do color for a high school football broadcast. Years ago, I used to do this for local basketball games, and now my friend who does this regularly has called me in off the bench. I don't think I'll be going big time.

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