Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seattle Marathon

This year's edition of the Seattle Marathon was foggy and chilly. I was reminded of the phrase, "thick as pea soup," which is cliche for fog, but really makes no sense to me. My pea soup is almost always green and thick, but I don't reckon it to fog. There has to be a better way to describe fog.

I suppose it was pretty good racing weather, overall. 40 degrees or so, most of the time, a bit of a headwind coming back out of Seward Park, and I was cold. I dumped my top layer too soon. However, if I had been running, instead of mostly walking, as was the case, then it probably would've been fine.

My leg basically did a meltdown. This on top of being unprepared. Shade of blogposts past, I know, but this was really bad, and I attribute to more than fitness. Worst marathon ever--I pretty much had to walk the second half, and the first half wasn't winning any dating contests. Thought about dropping.  I'll get the appointment already.  The back of my left knee doesn't feel right, so I can't kick after a while. I'm reminded of that song, "Your Body Is A Wonderland." My body is a disaster site, or at least my leg is. I'm just not used to seeking medical care on this sort of thing, but need to.

It was great as always to see the familiar faces out there, and share a bit of road with some friends. Kurt and I knocked out the first mile, catching up. Great to see Ray G. at the 6.5 area or so, and then at the finish--haven't seen him in three or four years. Craig for a bit on the bridge. Many others--Terry, Kevin, Adam, Allen, Leslie, Van et al.--good running!

I felt like the race was better organized this year. Volunteers everywhere--seemed like more than usual. Police and medical aid all over too. The medal is a little different--it's curved, probably as a nod to the EMP starting line. I had bib number 2000. I didn't request it or anything, and didn't do it justice. Folks on the sidewalks often opted for "Good number" over "Doin' good!"

So, for better or for worse, that's ten years in a row.  I am happy about that. So much to reflect back on.  I'll probably stop the streak there, unless I'm running a whole lot better next year. Plenty of time to think about it. Not so much to think about Deception Pass, which I'm registered for in a couple weeks. I may have to opt for the 25k or nix it--I'll see how this week goes.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Maui! My second visit! It's been a busy year--not the best of years as far as running goes, but work and life have had me at full tilt, and despite much travel, a real vacation was medically called for. Alaska Air ran a special on its new direct flights from Bellingham to Maui, and so my sweetie and I jumped on it.

Stayed at Lahaina Shores Resort, which is right off the water, and walking distance to Lahaina. A good value. Listened to the sound of surf, every night. Made it up to West Maui.  Some snorkeling, some surf watch, and some windy roads. Nary a drop of rain all week. Great eats, like Ono tacos and Mahi Mahi ruebens. My cousin Neil and Lonnie just happened to be visiting at the same time, for a wedding, so we caught a couple meals with them, along with some other long-time friends who now call Maui home.

I intended to run Halelakala--a 10,000 foot volcano crater/national park--but it didn't happen. I've been up there before, so I don't mind saving that for next time. There are some very cool running options. I managed some brief hiking in the Iao rainforest park, by the Nakalele blowhole. Made it to some lava fields too.

I think Kauai is better for the terrestrial naturalist/trail runner. Maui is the place for surf, sand, and sun. With a volcano thrown in. And so much more. Hawaii is just plain a good place to be. A friend of mine said he's been twice, in addition to a some 90 countries around the world, and he found Hawaii the most relaxing place anywhere. No argument. I'm pretty committed to getting there at least once every two years.

Out of shape, but a couple races coming up, with the Seattle Marathon next weekend, and Deception Pass 50k soon thereafter. Woe woe, to the un(der)trained. Whatever. Aloha!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fowl Run

It was a cold, beautiful day for the annual Fowl Run Fun Runs in Mount Vernon.  I ran the 10k, and geez, slow again. That figures. I haven't really been running. I'll keep throwing myself out there....maybe I'll get better. Gotta keep on truckin'!

I realize now I'm the guy who always comes with an excuse.  "How you doing Scotty?" "Great! but you know, I got this thing...."  Truth is, I do have this thing--a few things. But whatever. The joy is in getting out there. No matter where I'm at, it's always refreshing and vitalizing to see friends, either volunteering or running, and to get the heart rate going on the course.

Views today were clear, out towards Mount Baker.  A little bit of ice on my pickup's window, when I went outside in the morning. Last night I heard snow geese flying over the house. I saw a few flying during the race. Course is flat. It'd be great to run fast, if you can. Lots of giveaways afterwards--turkeys, pumpkin pies, and other miscellaneous stuff.

Good turnout, as always. Great to talk with Dominic, Craig, Colin, Tracy and others. And Skagit Runners volunteers were out in force, as always. Good to see Heather, Delores, Joe, Brannon, Steve, and so many others, making it all happen. Thanks all!

Should be an interesting afternoon. I'm now off to do color for a high school football broadcast. Years ago, I used to do this for local basketball games, and now my friend who does this regularly has called me in off the bench. I don't think I'll be going big time.