Sunday, June 3, 2012

Max's Shortcut

Usually June brings warmer days, but the rain makes everything in the wood glow in green.  My Achilles doesn’t really allow me to run, and with gas prices as they are, I didn’t feel like going too far.  So this weekend I wandered around my favorite mountain again.

Max’s Shortcut is a 2.6 mile trail connecting Lilly Lake and a connector trail to the Blanchard overlook.  I don’t get on this trail enough, as it is perfect for running.  Switchbacks, gradual ups and downs, soft trail.  The trail is part of the Pacific Northwest Trail, a West to East trail stretching from Washington to some part of Montana, I believe.  White blazes on trees mark the way.

As I said, I couldn’t really run, but I could kind of meander, and smell, listen, feel the outdoors.  Saturday was a wet day, with periodic rains, water dripping off ferns.  I took my time, looking at moss, watching a squirrel, snapping photos, most of which were fails.  I will not run forever.  But I will walk in the woods as long as this body permits.

Good to see so many volunteers on Blanchard Mountain, improving trail and road, for National Trails Day. Thank you.

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