Saturday, March 3, 2012

Run for the Honeywagon Half

It's looking more and more like I'm the proof that slow people can blog too. I really struggled today at the Honeywagon 1/2 in Everson. The left leg was uncooperative--it just doesn't kick--and laying off hasn't helped much either.

But nonetheless, the Honeywagon remains a favorite of mine, covering the half marathon distance through north country fields, with raspberry bushes tied, horses standing in their fields, and cows watching you go by.  I was telling a friend that the course reminds me of rural Virginia, where my family still lives.

I've been doing this Greater Bellingham Running Club race for years, but this year it really seemed to increase in number of participants. More people running is a good thing, but it does change the complexion of a race a bit. Besides the crowd, this year's race will go down as the "headwind year," as there was a hard wind blowing, most noticeable on Mile 11 to 12, where it almost stood me up, probably slowing that mile pace down by a minute or more.

Great as always to see so many friends at this event, including Bryan, Steve, Charlie, Heather and Craig, John, Jim, and others. Larry L. has graciously taken over the mantle of RD--there's a great story of how I first met Larry-- and good to see Grant out there too, helping out. 

Listened to Saturday Night Fever and John Mellencamp on the way up. Saturday Night Fever is 35 years old now.

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