Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowy Owls

I've been looking for snowy owls all winter, and finally made it to Boundary Bay in British Columbia on Sunday. Snowy owls everywhere--25 to 30, easy to be seen, just hanging out on logs. All I had was my phone for a camera, so the photos leave something to be desired.  News of the irruption was a birder thing originally, but now has become an international story, with this being the biggest southern migration since 1998.

Directions:  Going north, take Ladner Trunk Road exit, roughly 10 minutes past border. Take Ladner Trunk north to 72nd St., left turn, drive to the end. Lots of people checking them out. They've been camping out there for a couple months. The birds I mean, not the people. Occupy Boundary Bay, big white bird style.

Here's an article for the Seattle Times by my friend Mike, plus a couple more bad pics from me, just to prove I was there. Nothing proves presence like bad photos.

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