Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scotty v. The Waterfall

The waterfall won.  

These are some of Rich W's photos from our Annapurna Circuit trek in Nepal last September. He's got some amazing photos--better than mine--and this is a particularly funny and memorable sequence.


The waterfall goes directly across the trail. It's a little hard to see here, but there's a pretty decent drop on the left. I started off walking the edge, to avoid the falls. But the footing seemed sketchy. So, with no good explanation in retrospect, I move away from the slippery edge, but then directly into the waterfall. That thing hit me SO HARD. You can't even see me in the one photo, except a bit of my backpack--I am in the waterfall.  I got drenched. My pack got drenched. The force of the waterfall almost knocked me over. When I popped out, this nice guide decided to point out the rocks that I should cross on. Then he gave me a hand.

Life is good! ( :


Michael Chastain said...

It looks like Rich was taking the picture after after having crossed. Did he walk through the falls too?

Rich W said...

Three drops of water landed on me during my crossing. Sorry Scotty ;)

Scotty said...

I think I was the only one on this day who walked into the waterfall! Rich showed a prowess in navigating crossings with his poles. Seriously, Rich was good with crossings. Me, not so much. Seth tended to just go right through the middle of things too.