Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Half Half Marathon

I had to be in Vancouver, British Columbia this weekend for work, and so I went ahead and registered for the First Half Half Marathon.  This is one of my favorite half-marathons—this was my third time, but first since 2005.  The event always sells out in hours, with over 2000 registered.

Not a lot has changed—still a spectacular circuit of Stanley Park’s seawall, with great views of the city, the bridges, birds, and tankers in the bay. I saw two eagles fighting over a fish during the run. The seawall is paved, but the views feel like trail. Stanley Park is perhaps the best urban park in North America, maybe the world.

We had a light drizzle, but that kept the temps down, and I suppose it was ideal racing conditions. Fortunately, I wasn't racing. I took a bunch of pics starting out, and picked it up a bit after running under Lion's Gate Bridge. More than anything, I wanted to remind myself what the 13 mile distance feels like, enjoy the views, and feel ok afterwards. Success as far as that goes. I'd like to get healed up and in better shape--one week at a time on that, for now.

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