Monday, January 23, 2012

Padilla Bay

Last week we had our first big snow storm of the winter and 2012.  Schools closed all week.  I get a kick out of watching the evening news when big weather events happen. They make such a big deal about it--reporters in the field measuring ice depth,  the smiling anchor, and then the weather expert "explains" it all. It just really makes me smile.

I didn't get out that much. Gym is my new friend. Actually, that's not too unusual for me this time of year. I'm taking it relatively easy until I feel whole, and I expect I'll do less longer events than in the past few years. There's something in me that just doesn't want to rush to register for anything right now.

I did make it to Padilla Bay on Saturday.  Padilla Bay is an estuary, sitting between Mount Vernon and Anacortes, near the junction to Whidbey Island. A beautiful flat two mile trail cuts through the flats, along the water, and is a great place for bird watching and a good little run, even if the wind is blowing at 40 mph, as it seemed to be on Saturday.

Saw a flock of herons on Whidbey Island on Sunday, at Cornet Bay.  There must've been 12 or so, all together, sitting in a couple conifers. Ran Nookachamps in the afternoon.

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