Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chuckanut In December

Someone has put Christmas decorations on the trailhead to Fragrance Lake, at the start and at the top. Today was a great day to be on this trail, with clear skies and 40 degree temps. I did Fragrance to Chinscraper, and then the ridge out to Fairhaven.

The views from the ridge were about as long as I've ever seen them. There's something about clear winter air which allows for great star viewing at night, and long views in the day.  Mt. Baker and Shuksan were very visible, as was Lake Whatcom and Lake Samish.  I tried hard to see the tall buildings of Vancouver, squinting, but it seems like a low hanging cloud blocked this view.  The North Vancouver mountains were clearly viewable. I think I'll go up there with a spotting scope one of these days.

Driving to the trailhead, I saw 8 bald eagles sitting in trees off of Chuckanut Drive.   A large flock of snow geese in a field. A few swans.

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