Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seattle Marathon

Rain and wind this year.  Lots of rain. Lots of wind. It never really stopped--just modulated. Not too cold a rain—maybe 40s, but there were times when the wind made it feel a bit colder. Wet clothes didn't help things. Running back from Mercer Island on the bridge was probably the worst, though Seward Park and the last couple miles get honorable mention.

I just kept going.  Not fast.  My left leg and hamstring continues to slow me down, and is pretty much my running story for the last half year. I’ve been laying off, either too much or not enough, I’m just not sure.

I hit the half mark around 2:03 and finished at 4:20, so I suppose that means I didn't go out fast, and then I fell apart. Usually the split is 5 to 10 minutes. My head wasn't really into pace--I was more focused on pain management. Sometimes I could put aside the hamstring, and then other times it felt like my other leg was compensating too much. A bit of knee pain on the other leg. I had stamina for the distance.  I say that, but then things really did slow down over the last six. The Madison-Arboretum 1-2.

All that aside, the rain was the real story this year. Sort of a pineapple rain. I was soaked by the finish, and quite cold. I thought about putting on a jacket a few times, but didn't. My gloves got soaked--I carried them for a while, then tossed them. My hat was more appropriate for skiing.

This was my 9th Seattle in a row, 11th overall.  Every one of them has a different story.  I’d say this was the 2nd worst weather I can remember—2006 I think wins the Umbrella Award, by a snivelly nose.  I was a little torn on whether to start this one, but I thought I’d regret not giving it a go, and that I could make it one way or another. That’s about how it went, I suppose, and no regrets---I'm happy just finishing. That said, there are pros and cons to having a streak going. I now have a year to think about them.

Good to see so many friends on the course! Terry, Kevin, Adam, and Sara pacing. Dr. Rob in the Interlaken. Keri and Abby off and on throughout. Bryan running strong. Many others. Hit the Essential Baking Company in Fremont afterwards with friends for some high quality tomato soup.

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