Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fowl Run 2011

I ran the Fowl Run 10k in Mount Vernon on Saturday. We had great weather, despite predictions of misery. Just a little cold, calling for gloves and hat.

I know the course route well, as I sometimes run it on weekends. I've also ran the race a number of times, albeit poorly. Beginning at Mount Vernon Christian School, the loop includes an out-and-back along the Dike Road, and then a return to the school via Britt Road. The roads parallel the Skagit River and acres of farmland, with views of the foothills and Mount Baker on a good day. Today you could see snow in the hills, and the farmland soil looked cold.

There was a stiff headwind along the Dike Road. It was one of those blustery days that brings out the birds. As I ran, I frequently found myself looking up at formations of trumpeter swans, snow geese, and pipers. An eagle swooped ten feet above me, before landing in a tree alongside early on along the Dike Road.

I ran poorly, struggling with my continued hamstring tightness, and some out-of-shapeness. I finished in 52 minutes and some. I am not too troubled, as I knew going in that my hamstring wasn’t going to allow any real leg turnover. I really just planned on jogging, but I pushed a bit later to keep a 9 min pace. I think I'll go up to the WWU track once a week, as winter comes in. Yoga seems to be calling my name too. 

Many many friends in attendance! Either to run, volunteer, or both. Heather and Skagit Runners did a great job putting on the event, of course. Our Skagit club is sooo solid--thank you!  I ended up spending a good hour afterwards just hanging out with friends, eating pumpkin pie and hot apple cider, and catching up. A good vibe, and a very nice way to start the weekend.

Post-race awards, with random drawings for turkeys and pumpkin pie

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