Monday, November 21, 2011

Baker Lake Trail

Snow really fell in the high country this past week, with the North Cascades Highway shutting down for the season.  I could see it in the foothills from Mount Vernon, and so on Saturday decided to head east, with no clear intention, except to find the white stuff and maybe run or snowshoe.

I ended up on the familiar Baker Lake Trail, near Concrete.  The drive up to the lake was relatively clear, with a bit of ice and snow on the side of the road.  Frozen ponds, white mountainsides.  I suppose I was hoping for more snow, but I could’ve found it if I just went up a bit.

The trail itself is clear, except for patches of snow here and there.  Snow was melting off trees as I ran.  I looked up for cougars and porcupines.  The log over Anderson Creek had a good bit of snow and ice on it, with a few fading mushrooms too.  I’ve crossed that log in the dark on icier nights—a little sketchy.  Fantastic views of Mount Baker on Saturday, with the good red light of a falling sun.  Four cars at the trailhead.

For a first, I dropped down into the Maple Grove campground to check out the digs there.  That would be one great place to camp out on a Friday night before taking off on a run Saturday morning.  The lake is right there, and so is the mountain.  A starry night would be hard to beat.

Seattle Marathon next weekend.  Not too thrilled about it.

Mushrooms on log crossing in snow

Anderson Creek crossing

Stump critter

Maple Grove campground view

Maple Grove campground view

Mount Baker view from Baker Lake

Fresh snow on hillside trees
Peak at the end of Baker Lake


Mike said...

Cool pics! I like the stump critter.

Scotty said...

Thanks Mike! It's a great trail!