Monday, October 24, 2011

Corn Maize

I’ve never been in a corn maze.  Until Sunday.  Made it out to the maze at Schuh’s Farm, on Memorial Highway, outside of Mount Vernon.  Honestly, this particular maize was not too tough.  No 911 calls required.

Those poor people. 

Sort of a dud of a running weekend for me, unfortunately.  I registered for the Lake Padden Half Marathon many months ago, but somehow forgot to consult ye olde calendar.  As it turned out, I had to be up at WWU for a volunteer meeting.  Sorry to miss the mud, fun and friends.  I managed to show up in the afternoon, and got to help clean up a bit, but splashing around on the back trails would've been fun.  Al, Dean, and the crew did a terrific job putting on that event—that was obvious.  It was great to see so much community support.

Healing the hamstring remains key, but I want to get out and hit a trail soon.  Possibly Herzog or Mudfest.  Maybe Sauk Mountain. Time to find the headlamp too. AND, I should get a bit more pro-active on this stretching stuff.
Fall is here.

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