Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Off The Run, On The Couch

No big 4th of July runs to report. Last week I was running around the back trails of Lake Padden, and crumbled when my ankle rolled on a half-buried pebble. Total roll, going downhill. It doesn't take much. Then, I got a tetantus shot on Thursday, which was perhaps the wrong time, as I was feeling the first symptoms of a sinus infection. Whatever the case, I didn't feel up to running this weekend, because of low fevers, sinus issues, and the ankle. I did manage to spread three yards of gravel in the front and back, and give the homefront some other much needed attention.

Next weekend I have Knee Knacker in North Vancouver. That should be terrific. A big run at the end of the month. Then, Cascade Crest at the end of August. But looming larger for me is an even bigger plan for the fall. In all, feeling a bit overbooked, and so think I might try to get even more off the race calendar next year, but who knows. Have to avoid hazardous pebbles.

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