Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lake Youngs Ultra

I ran the Lake Youngs Ultra today, an annual event put on by Arthur and Jenn Martineau down by Lake Youngs in Renton.  They do a terrific job, offering a great event at a great price, with a wonderful barbq afterwards. There are always good friends and familiar faces there.

I think this was my third time running the event, and I was content with my time, which was about what I ran the last time I did it, a few years ago. Take that, Age! As if I really set the bar high....Anyway, we had good running weather today, with overcast skies, temps in about the 50s.

I didn't sign up until the last minute, but I realized I needed some good miles, and I wasn't likely to get an adequate amount without the push an event can give. So, I got up early, and left the MV around 5:10, stopping for coffee on the way out, and managed to show up with about 10 minutes before the event. BTW--really liking the new Death Cab for Cutie album, which got me a long way down the road. That, and coffee. My cousin told me today he thought I lived for early morning coffee and long drives to races.

The Lake Youngs course is on a wide trail, circling a lake which is sort of mythical, inasmuch as I don't think it is ever viewable. Three loops of the 9+ mile loop make for the ultra, which I believe comes in at 28.8 miles. Some do more, some do less. There are gentle hills, which get a bit bigger towards the end, and for me a big part of this event is seeing how well I can push through these hills during the last two laps.

Today, the first lap I started slow, in fact starting a minute behind everyone, because I was still getting situated. I didn't feel all that good at first, which seems a little too usual anymore, but seemed to blow through it. I had the shuffle on all day. I ran half the second lap with Mike, who was completing his 12th marathon in as many weeks. The third lap I just kind of plowed through.

A course record was set. Not by me--another guy. As if I really needed to clarify that, but I will say--he was running really smooth, when he lapped me towards the end of my second lap. The burgers at the end were great. Also, the Martineaus had a number of post-race giveaways which were very generous. Smiles all around. Took a bit of a soak in the brrrr baby pool at the finish.

After the race, I stopped in Kirkland in hopes of seeing my cousin's new son, but didn't luck out, but got good catch-up time just the same. Finished the day watching the NCAA Track and Field Championships on taped delay. Pretty cool watching those college teams and athletes go for it.

A lot of events this weekend have my running friends spread out all over. Best wishes to all at Beacon Rock, San Diego, and whereever else the running winds blow.


Mike said...

How come you never tell me you are coming down to Seattle to run until afterwards?? Looks like a fun event.

Scotty said...

Yeah, my bad! I thought about that on the way down. I only decided to do this run on Thursday. It might've been easy miles for you before Big Horn.