Saturday, May 21, 2011

Watershed Preserve 12 Hour Run

I managed to run 38 miles in a little more than 7 hours at the Watershed Preserve 12 Hour Run. I stopped early, because I have a lot to do this weekend yet, and a busy work week, and I just didn't want to feel too beat after the race.

Conditions were really good for running. It was supposed to rain, after our first sunny week of the year, and yet the rain held off as long as I was there. Temps felt like they were in the high 40s, maybe low 50s, and the trail was very soft with wood chips in some places. About 100 runners. The course is a 5+ mile loop on forested trail through the Redmond Watershed Preserve, and rolls comfortably enough. I have in the past done the full 12 hours--that's really kind of fun--especially towards the later hours--and good prep for bigger pursuits.

RDs Chris and Tom do an amazing job with this event, and many old hands/friends were volunteering, making things all the better for everyone. The race has a ton of food. Chris adds a really cool extra touch by giving gifts to all entrants. I chose a book--The Encylopedia of Rabbits and Rodents. I don't know why. I like field guides.

I ran the first 25 miles or so with friend Glen M., while crossing paths with many of the usuals. I started sort of poorly and thought it was going to be a tough day. For whatever reason though, today things seemed to get smoother as the miles went on.

I have no idea when things will work for me and when they won't, but it's just a wonderful feeling when things seem to click and I'm already 20 miles in. Sometimes it's the right song that makes me go. Today I discovered that the opening riff of Steely Dan's Reeling In The Years is gold later in a race. A little bit of Stones Gimme Shelter. U2's Pride (In The Name of Love). Also had the Avett Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, some Nirvana--what I'm trying to say is the shuffle was working well.

Lots of other cool races this weekend. I'm hoping for good times for my friends at Sun Mountain, Jemez, and Bishop High Sierra.

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