Sunday, May 15, 2011


The rain continues to fall. I ran around Blanchard yesterday, a middling effort, and today I'm not particularly anxious to head out. I cracked out a new pair of shoes for Bull Run a month or so ago, and those shoes have lived a miserable existence of mud, streams, and rock. I guess they're supposed to be made for that--they're trail shoes. Whatever--it's been a tough spring in the PNW.

I find myself inspired by my friends of late, many of whom seem to be doing a great job chasing their dreams. This past week, Seth summited Mount Everest, which had me glued to his blog during the workweek. Such a feat initially defies words or description. It's sort of like saying I know someone who happened to fly to the moon last month. One of my cooler life experiences was trekking to Everest Base Camp after I finished school. I am proud of this one, because for a while I shelfed my life to go see how the other half of the world lived, and it wasn't easy. I was really sick afterwards--physically, it's hard to imagine hanging around that area for so long, and then climbing. Congrats Seth--very happy for you, and above all, glad you're safe.

There are others who've just downright amazed me lately. I don't want to write at great length on their achievements, but for example, Shawn managed to pull a sled through the first 350 miles of the Iditarod course. Tony, her husband, then went out and ran nearly 400 miles in a week. People I know of are setting trail records, running Badwater, running Hardrock. Or simply going out and fulfilling a months long training plan and running their first marathon, as with one friend this past weekend.

And then there was a benefit this past week at my law school for an organization called Landesa, which facilitates land tenure in developing countries. The founder has been nominated multiple times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and was honored at this event by Bill Gates Sr. A good friend and classmate of mine was  honored that night too for the amazing photos she has taken in places like Rwanda and India, while doing legal work. Really amazing photos, worthy of National Geographic.

After the event, a few of my first year classmates and I got together, enjoyed our mutual company, and also got a sense of what everyone had been doing, and the stories were similarly inspiring--partnerships, kids, military service. Others I know right now are starting or raising families, running for elected office, going into self-employment, finishing professional schooling, building their own house, moving to a foreign country, or making other such big moves. Lots of challenges being taken on, lots of changes going on.

I am fortunate to know amazing people. Amazing in character, amazing in deeds. They inspire me, and it seems particularly moreso in the last few months, but to what goal for myself I'm just not sure. I have no plans to go summit Everest, as cool as that would be. And my personal satisfaction won't be simply measured in the miles or kilometers I run.  I just know that of late I find myself restless, fishing within myself a little bit more for those changes and goals that will inspire me, both in the present and for the long-term.

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