Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tulip Festival

Tulips are in bloom in Skagit now. I imagine they'll be out a little while longer. Crowds are tough, but I shot out into the valley tonight around 7:30, and there weren't many folks around. I think a weeknight after 6 or early in the morning is probably the way to go. I missed the Street Fair this weekend, but hope to hit the salmon barbq one of these days.

I spent Saturday up at Western coordinating a clinic on citizenship. Great working with students and other volunteers. Afterwards, I toured the back trails of Lake Padden, which was basically a mudhop. I could still feel the effect of running fifty last weekend, in the quads and knees. My recovery time isn't what I'd like it to be--I think I need to be spending more time in yoga or just stretching. Some of it might be just jet lag from flying back--I was zonked. On Sunday I went and ran around the Nookachamps valley a bit--standard loop. The running was not effortless, but ok.

Hopefully I get out this week for a few good evening runs. The days are getting longer--time for the  occasional eveing push up Max's Shortcut or Chin.

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