Sunday, March 6, 2011

Invest In Youth 6 Hour Fund Run

Several good event options yesterday, including a Honeywagon in the north and a Hillbilly in the south. I really love the Honeywagon, but this year I opted for another favorite, Kendall’s annual YMCA Invest In Youth 6 Hour Run on the Centennial Trail in Snohomish.

The course is a simple 2.5 mile out and back, for five mile loops. I stayed out there the full six hours, clocking a very casual 33 miles. It's fun to stick it out to the end with these timed events, to max out the distance on the last-hour shorter loops. Great weather--maybe the best all year---except for a rogue 10 minute hail storm, where the hail just seemed to attack me, bouncing off my arms, indignant. I just kept going, locked into my tunes.

The first two laps I ran with TC, where I got more info on Shawn’s most excellent Alaskan adventure. One later lap with Dave Dutton, just back from a wonderful recovery from eye surgery. Amazing stories, good company.

Stan on the clipboard, tracking lap counts. Kendall running with his daughter, and then later minding the soup and making those famous Mile 67 grilled cheesers. Alex Swenson and Tim Stroh, knocking out the big miles in 1-2 fashion. They probably lapped me twice. Encouraging hellos roughly 15 times with friends like Steve and Rob, as we’d pass each other going and coming. It’s sort of amusing the different variants on hello you develop, all in good spirit.

The registration fee is fully donated to the YMCA. I really like the YMCA, because they do a ton of good work in the community, especially for the kids. I’ve been a member in Bellingham for a long time, which has acquainted me more with the organization’s good works. Our YMCA has an amazing amount of community support.

Next up-the Gorge Waterfalls run.

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