Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Runs

In a weekend filled with running events, mine was uneventful, which was by choice. Mad props out to all who ran Nookachamps, Capitol Peak, HURT, and anything else I'm missing.

I spent Saturday in the Chuckanuts, lost in thought, running pretty poorly, but managing to put in over four hours on my feet. Mud. Wind on the ridge. It seems like some attention has been paid to the Lost Lake trails this past year, and there were good views of the lake from above. Started out with three friends, but didn't feel like hyperventilating, so advised that they go ahead.

Sunday was a get-out-of-bed 9 mile run on the Fowl Run loop. Many many big white birds aka snow geese aka trumpeter swans. More wind. Some sideways rain.

I decided that I need to run more. I'm done with winter.

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